Voices for Change (Our Future Unmasked)

Running time: 50 minutes

A music and dance theatre piece that seeks to challenge the world and status quoi to promote gender equality, a clean environment, confront climate change and fight poverty - told through the voices of young people who seek to confront challenges in society and the world imbalances using theatre, music and dance. They become voices of reason and together they are determined to change the future for better. The Batonga villagers are worried, the seasons are no longer the same, the river can not give good water anymore, the weather is angry at them and the future looks bleak. What will happen to their children, the plants and the animals? Who will save them? Tsotsi the politician takes advantage of their situation to sell the very natural resource they need to survive. (water). The poor become more poor and the rich even richer. Diseases infest the village and somebody must do something. A young lady defies all gender imbalances and rebuke to lead her fellow villagers to stand up against the destructive forces in their society. Change is possible and the youth will start it!


Concept by: Nkululeko Innocent Dube & Christian Kellner
Written & Directed by: Nkululeko Innocent Dube
Costume: Mercy Kayumba
Assistants: Njabulo Gondwe & Bridget Sayers
Choreographers: Bekithemba Phiri, Nqobizitha Ncube, Anele Sithole, Michael Ndlovu, Nkanyezi Ndlovu, Kelvin Nyoni & Dorcas Ngwenya
Music by: IYASA, Nkululeko Innocent Dube, Theatro Piccolo, Christian Kellner, Julia Meinx, DJ Cleo, Mr Jazzy Q featuring Lady D & Tkzee

Inkululeko Yabatsha School of Arts