Umntwana Afrika

Mr. Lebenstein visits Afrika and in particular Zimbabwe. He takes a crazy bus ride from Bulawayo to Lupane to Hwange then Victoria Falls and finally David Livingstone. During this jammed and squeezed, friendly, comic trip he tells a story about his pen pal Umntwana...

"Umntwana" means "child" in Ndebele, A language from Matabeleland in Zimbabwe. It’s an experience about funny and touching episodes of an African childhood. In this co-production 9 dancers, musicians and actors of the group IYASA from Zimbabwe together with an actress and puppet player of Theatro Piccolo perform. The story is being told in German and picked up by the IYASA artists to transform it into dance and music. It is a performance you won't forget in a long time.

Mr. /Mrs. Lebenstein visits Africa. On his/her crazy bus trip - jammed and squeezed - he tells about Umntwana his African pen pal. In several episodes Lebenstein tells about Umntwana’s childhood - and the whole bus starts acting too. On the one hand the child is supposed to do well at school, on the other hand it has to take care of the family. He is supposed to herd his father’s goats - which is not that easy being attacked by wild dogs from which he must protect the goats. Torn in between modern society and old traditions he has to grow up early. An exciting show with a big sense of humor and surprising twists. It’s all about growing up in a village in Africa.

Puppetry & Acting, Shadow play, Dance & Live music / for children and anybody as from 4 years old / Duration: 55 Minutes

MARTIN BECK or JULIA PRÖGLHÖF: acting- und Puppetieering. Dance, Music & Shadow play: IYASA/ Director: EVA BILLISICH/ Idea, Text & Dramaturgy: CH. PICCO KELLNER / Stage Design: GOGGI HOLZMANN / Music: NKULULEKO INNOCENT DUBE / photos: Marianne Weiss


Inkululeko Yabatsha School of Arts