In this show the charismatic and energetic IYASA present a cocktail of dances spanning from old school to new, modern and contemporary dance styles. The old school music and dances bring and refresh fond memories in the yester year generation while the young folk marvel and also indulge in the powerful modern and new school dances. The show is addictive and suitable for all audiences, young and old. The vast selection of music and dances make it easy to tailor the show to suit any occasion.

It is a show popular at weddings, parties, anniversaries, festivals, road shows, campaigns, entertainment venues, cocktails, co-operate events, various special events and campaigns, schools, and many other occasions. The variety of dances and music that include, khwela, mbaqanga, pantsula, amarabi, breakdance, rock and roll, bump-jive and many more contemporary styles is irresistible as entertainment and will leave any audience with lingering moments to treasure forever

Music and Dance - food for the soul

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Inkululeko Yabatsha School of Arts