One thing is clear: Mr. K. Roko is a pro! An everyday professional. Perfectly he adapts his life to the daily routine of many others: The worldwide alarm bell, global morning traffic jam and universal bus delays. One day is like another: Mr. K. Roko dreams, is woken up, gets up, looks in the mirror and out the window, goes to work and back home. Always the same, nothing changes. Or is it? Because one day Mr. K. Roko realizes that everyone has the same goal. It is universally valid and means survival - as good as possible and as satisfying as possible! Just ask, how? In search of an answer Mr. K. Roko breaks out of his everyday life. And that does not just mess up his life ... A piece about cosmopolitanism and the breaking up of rigid patterns of thought and stereotypes. The piece is be performed by IYASA from Zimbabwe, and a German storyteller with powerful music and in the powerful dance and drumming scene so interactive you can also clap and sing along. A fascinating co-production by ThEATRO PICCOLO & IYASA / ZIMBABWE - lively & powerful, serious & playful at the same time.

Mr. K. Roko, a crocodile, lives in a city whose name we do not know. There people and animals seem to live peacefully together. They are all everyday professionals, go to work equally, travel on the same bus, buy the same pastries and talk about the same events. And yet they somehow seem unfamiliar to each other. One questionable headline in the bus newspaper can create chaos "Crocodile eats the ambulance" - And Mr. K. Roko suddenly sits all alone in the bus. He shakes his head and wonders how this could happen, where the fear and prejudices about each other come from, as well as those in his own mind, and why suddenly all of them avoid him. So we accompany Mr. K. Roko on his way through everyday life - until he gets out. Ultimately, Mr. K. Roko decides to take a day off, go to the indoor pool and doze off a bit on the edge of the pool. And actually everything would be fine - if there were not these zoo visitors on the other side of the fence, watching him curious and anxious at the same time.

For kids from 6 | Duration: 50 minutes

Drama, puppetry, dance, singing & live music | Author: Ch. Picco Kellner & Eva Billisich | with: Ch. Picco Kellner & Ensemble IYASA / Zimbabwe | Composition & Choreography: Innocent N. Dube | Director: Eva Billisich | Stage: Ch. Picco Kellner | Costumes: Nico Oest | Photos: Marianne Weiss

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Inkululeko Yabatsha School of Arts