This piece is a playful and witty juxtaposition of Austrian and African folk art. "Amajombo" means "rubber boots". "Jombo" is used colloquially in South Africa and Zimbabwe, as here "Gummler". The Amajombo dances of the South African miners in Johannesburg are danced in work clothes including rubber boots and show similarity with the Schuhplattler of our country. So this shoe has suddenly a connecting function, which forms the basis for JOMBO & GUMMLER.

The juxtaposition of Austrian folk art and African gumboot dance (Amajombo) reveals that there is a common denominator in dance and in music. Since these two dance and singing styles come very close to yodeling, it is easy for children to engage in the familiar and to accept new, foreign things.

The piece is performed by IYASA from Zimbabwe and Theatro Piccolo. Its and addictive piece that invites one to clap along and sing along with IYASA’s powerful voices, the pulsating drums and spirited dances. The story is told in German. A rousing co-production by ThEATRO PICCOLO & IYASA / ZIMBABWE - playful, funny, serious & touching at the same time.

Jombo has served its time. Together with other worn footwear he lies on the edge of the desert. He is no longer modern enough for this world and therefore may not play anymore. But Jombo is plagued by a quiet longing; only he does not know what it is. And since, according to an old belief, shoes are made to walk, he sets out with his cronies to find his destiny. The path leads through a forest of colorful leaves, deep rivers and deserted villages until they finally land in the city. But Jombo can not and does not want to keep up with the hustle and bustle here and reflects on what he and his cronies have always wanted to do: stomp - dance - jump! And then suddenly he knows what he has been longing for ...

For kids from 5 | Duration: 50 minutes

Acting, Dance, Singing & Live Music | Author: Ch. Picco Kellner | with: Corinna Pumm (drama) & Ensemble IYASA (dance & vocals) | Composition & Choreography: Innocent N. Dube | Director: Eva Billisich | Stage: Ch. Picco Kellner | Photo: Hans Eder

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Inkululeko Yabatsha School of Arts