Girafika is a cocktail cultures in theatre, acting and powerful music. Impressive voices, fascinating choirs, live music and a rhythm that catches you right away!

The piece is inspired by a story by Zimbabwean author Christopher Mlalazi. It was adapted and recreated then directed by Picco Kellner. It addresses Issues such as envy, the distribution of resources and responsibility they are treated in a very humorous way suitable for children. 8 dancers, musicians and actors from IYASA (Zimbabwe) act together with an actress and puppeteer fromTheatro Piccolo (Austria).The story is being told in German language and the actors pick it up to transform it into dance and music. This is the essence understanding and experiencing other cultures for the audience. Girafika questions pollution and climate change and teaches the children to preserve nature.

The story
A long time ago animals called girafikas lived together in peace. The giraffe had short necks and could climb trees like monkeys. This way they could eat the leaves of the trees as well as the grass. They were very greedy. Suddenly the tree leaves disappeared. No tree was left out and soon than later all the leaves from all the trees. Without leaves there was no shadow as well. The grass dried out in the sun and soon everyone was starving. One after another the animals changed their habits - they became reckless, greedy and the only one thinking about the future of Girafika was the monkey. Then a new animal comes up. One similar to the monkey walking on his hind legs. Can it prevent the disaster? A catching story about greed and its consequences that concern all of us - because Girafika is everywhere.

Acting, theatre, music & dance / duration: 55 Minutes
Story teller & actor: JULIA PRÖGLHÖF or GHWYNE VIZVARY. Dance Music & acting: IYASA ZIMBABWE / director: EVA BILLISICH / costume: TANA EILMSTEINER / Concept & text: CHRIS MLALAZI & CH. PICCO KELLNER / Stage design’s. PICCO KELLNER / Music: INNOCENT DUBE & IYASA / Photos: MARIANNE WEISS


Inkululeko Yabatsha School of Arts