China K

At the age of eight years the little China Keitetsi from Uganda was taken away from home by soldiers. She was taken to a recruiting camp and taught how to use a tragic consequences.

Based on a true life story, this production is an impressive mix of European puppet theatre and African acting, music and dance. It is not just a performance, but also a piece of African and European history. In this performance political issues are tackled and exposed and the prejudice that such cruelties could only happen in Africa is done away with. China K is looking back with anger. From her escape ‘home” in Denmark, she remembers her childhood. In impressing images the nightmares of the eight year old child and the most important twists and turns of her life is brought to reality again on stage. In perfect symbiosis of European puppet theatre and African acting, singing and dancing the audience experiences all those feelings, trial and tribulations that China K went through.

The 8-year-old China Keitetsi is taken to a recruiting camp by soldiers. There she has to learn how to use a gun. Later she is a soldier and bodyguard herself - forced to murder by her grown up leaders. After years of war she manages to run away and escapes to Denmark where she writes her autobiography about her life as a child soldier, in a book which becomes a best seller. To date China Keitetsi is working on building an orphanage for children in Ruanda.

For children and everyone as from 14 years old
This production was supported and endorsed by AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL / Can be performed in English or German / includes theatre & Puppetry: Ch. Picco Kellner / Music, Dance & Choir: Iyasa Zimbabwe / Film & Animation: Robby Lederer / Choreography: Innocent Dube / Director: Christian Suchy / photos: Marianne Weiss

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Inkululeko Yabatsha School of Arts