BLACK AND WHITE ain’t no colours

What do you believe in? What are you afraid of? To whom do you belong?

A transit room at any airport on earth is the scene for the meeting of six travelers. Some want to travel to Germany, the others to Zimbabwe. What do we take with us when we leave our familiar surroundings? What feelings accompany us when we discover the unknown?

We embark on an intercultural road trip. From an initial distance, curiosity becomes. In the waiting room between the cultures, barriers are bridged and a utopian society emerges on a small scale. With much sense of humor and nuances, prejudices and cultural differences are negotiated. Theatrical traditions collide and merge in a fast-paced change of drama, song and dance. With courage and honesty the ensemble meets at eye level and creates a personal engagement with topics such as faith, relationship, fear, hope and community.

Supported by International co-productions funding from Goethe-Institute

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