In the extended version of AMANZI, ThEATRO PICCOLO plays together with the ensemble, IYASA of ZIMBABWE and bring to the fore themes of common good, power and self-determination around the water with powerful dance, vocals and a lot of wit on the stage. Due to the unfortunate seizure of African drinking water resources by European food companies, this piece is highly topical. In this co-production, acting is combined with projections, live music, African choirs and dance performances. The content is transported on several levels and allows the audience different and individual theme access. An exciting-amusing story by Ch. Picco Kellner (Austria) with the music of Innocent N. Dube (Zimbabwe).

A mother tells her child the story of an injustice: Amanzi, the spirit of the water, and at the same time son of Umoya, the air, is cheated by the crocodile. Skillfully, the animal, striving for power, manages to persuade people to build a dam in order to take power from the water. The crocodile promises prosperity and wealth - but it does not live up to its promises. Ultimately, the water is portioned, filled in plastic bottles and so, locked up for expensive money, shipped all over the world. There is a roar and a storm breaks! A severe storm that affects us all!

Acting, Film Projections, Dance, Live Music & Choir Singing | Author: Ch. Picco Kellner | with: Corinna Pumm (drama), ensemble IYASA (acting, singing & dancing) and Robby Lederer (music & technology) | Composition & Choreography: Innocent N. Dube | Costume: Tana Eilmsteiner | Movies: Heiko Keiblinger | Director: Christian Himmelbauer | Photos: Hans Eder & Christian Anderl

Booking :

Inkululeko Yabatsha School of Arts