Afrikanische Märchen/African Fairytales

Fairytales, myths, stories they all accompany us through our lives.

For some stages in our lives they have a higher importance than elsewhere, such as during our childhood. Although they are more involved in some cultures than in others, you will find them all around the world. In „Afrikanische Märchen the Ensemble IYASA provides an insight into traditional fairytales and stories from Grandmas time. They also remind us of adventures from the own childhood. Games, dances and songs will be shown, which are still performed today by the children in the streets of Bulawayo. The long tradition of music in Africa, especially song & dance as a form of expression, is carried forward by IYASA in an impressing way. With strong voices and moving dances, emotions will be imparted, which cannot be described in a linguistic manner. All the stories are narrated with huge bags, filled sacks and cases in between two worlds, in between beginning and ending and again beginning. CONCEPT, DIRECTION: Stephan Rabl / LIGHTING: Günther Häck / TECHNIQUE: Hannes Röbisch / Music: Nkululeko Innocent Dube Performed by 9 artistes (Iyasa) BOOKING: SZENE Waldviertel

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