This programme was initiated in the 2009 and seeks to empower school going children through the arts. The programme runs under the banner of “Creating opportunities and developing skills for the next arts generation ‘’, it includes training workshops which culminate into a talent search and development. Every year it runs under a different theme derived from topical issues, and matters that affect children and the youth. It brings together educators, students and professional artists and directors on a platform that allows them to share their expertize with the young.

The main goal of the programme is to revive arts activities in schools especially in theatre, music and dance through effective training and exposure. It seeks to inspire and promote untapped talent within the schools.

Its general objectives are:

  • To support and inspire upcoming talent within secondary and high schools.
  • To provide expertise to upcoming talent through training and workshops.
  • To develop general interest and aspiration for the arts among young people at school.
  • To provide a competitive platform for upcoming talent among young people.
  • To identify, support and promote talent in the arts in schools.
  • To provide exposure for talent identified in schools.
  • To encourage skills sharing among school drama/theatre and dance clubs.

  • This programme runs every year in the first school term. Currently an average of 40 schools take part in it each year.

    The birth of IYASA is a unique and intriguing story of a high school drama club that rose out of Mpopoma High School in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. IYASA is a living example and testimony that so much talent lies untapped in schools. The Mpopoma High School drama club grew from strength to strength, organized talent shows of huge magnitude with the poet Albert Nyathi and when their success could no longer be confined to the school, fledged into professional group committed to promoting upcoming talent. This project therefore is a means of giving back to schools and young people and also appreciating IYASA ‘s roots. Its a community and social responsibility.

    IYASA has produced artists who have become a huge inspiration to most young people especially those of school going age. As a group IYASA’s local and international success continues to be an inspiration to young artists.

    Inkululeko Yabatsha School of Arts